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We are an LED sign wholesaler and strive to maintain our commitment to supply our customers with quality products quickly at the best prices.  Technical expertise and experience allow Media Displays to provide the highest levels of support both during and after the sale.


Are potential customers asking you about digital advertising or outdoor LED message centers? Are you letting profit slip through your fingers because you aren’t comfortable with the new digital sign technology?


With Media Displays, you never have to watch an LED sign sale walk out your door!  We are the LED display division that your business needs.  With our in-the-field experience and unbeatable products, we can make that sale for you.  All you have to do is call us for your next full color LED or monochrome LED quote to see the difference. From a digital billboard to a simple scrolling sign, we give you the knowledge to help your customer choose the correct LED screen for their needs – and then we help you close the sale. Digital signs and LED signage can be complex, highly technical things to sell.  Variation in size, LED lights, communication systems and capabilities vary greatly.  We understand how hard it can be because we’ve been there.


Many years ago, we began a small, full-spectrum sign shop whose customers started to ask about a new type of electronic signs – LED signage.  We quickly saw the potential of the new technology and became the area’s leading retailer. After years of experience with other wholesale LED manufacturers, we knew there had to be a better way.  We now combine the best hardware and software with unbeatable prices and in-depth knowledge to give your business the key to profitable LED sales.


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PITCH is the distance between two neighboring pixels on the LED board; a pitch value of 10mm means the distance between two LED pixels is 10mm. The smaller the pitch value, the more pixels per square foot/meter; this means higher resolution. Thus, given two signs of identical size, the one with the lower pitch value will show more characters per 'page' and display a more refined image

12.5mm                  16mm                   20mm                    25mm                   32mm


64 x 80 pixels        48 x 64 pixels       40 x 48 pixels        32 x 40 pixels       24 x 32 pixels

Click the icon to the right to view a list of LED signs in various popular sizes, pitches,  and resolutions


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Our digital signs are made to the highest quality standards in the industry, allowing us to offer confidence-inspiring hardware warranties on all our products.  Ranging from 4 years on our entry-level signs to an industry-best 6 years on our billboard level displays, these warranties provide peace of mind that you are making a wise investment.


Even the best hardware warranty is useless without someone to guide you through the myriad technical questions that you may encounter through years of sign ownership.  Our free, unlimited technical phone support gives you access to a knowledgeable friend in the industry – for the life of your sign.  Even after the hardware warranty expires, we believe your questions still deserve answers – that’s why we will never charge for technical support access no matter how long you’ve owned your display.

Couple these warranty services with the availability of competitively priced on-site and on-line training and it’s easy to see that with MEDia Displays, service makes the difference.


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